• Kudu Cooler

    The deep and compelling flavors of the Rooibos Red, with hints of almonds evoking the African bush, lend perfectly to a spirit forward sipper. Don’t be intimidated by some of the more uncommon ingredients, this cocktail comes to life in your mouth like the desert after a monsoon.

  • Lychee Spritz

    A bright and fresh cocktail is perfect for hot weather, especially one that has a little less booze than your average drink. Mix up this fruit-forward patio pounder and enjoy the afternoon!

  • The Ornithologist

    Nothing expresses the flavors of Argentina quite like Yerba Mate, except maybe the Pisco Sour. In this rendition, we are substituting the pisco for a lemon infused gin from Italy, and adding a little pear. The result is a silky smooth but surprisingly light, bright drink that’s worthy of a weekly ritual.

  • Midas Touch

    This cocktail combines the bright, fruity, and complex earthiness of our Ginseng Green Tea with the ancient Chinese tradition of Golden Milk, made with fresh turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. The result is a luxurious, silky texture and a flavor that will stop you in your tracks.
  • Indian Sunrise

    Our ashwagandha tea is so good, we almost hate to mix it. But if you must, the flavors of guava and pomegranate do a perfect job of brightening up the spiced chai.

  • Mate Collins

    The ingredients of this cocktail can change depending on what’s fresh at your local market. Feel free to experiment with different types of seasonal citrus and melons. Cantaloupe is our personal favorite, which is why we used it to create this inviting drink.