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Innovative Flavors

Bold new flavor profiles like our Ashwagandha Apple Chai and Ginseng Passion Green Tea taste like we've captured the cultures we're celebrating in every bottle.

Our ingredients are all natural, of the highest quality, organic & non-GMO

Our Ingredients

Innovative Flavors

Our teas are nutrient and vitamin-rich, powering enhanced physical and mental performance. You'll wake up better with our Ginseng Passion Green Tea, boosting morning energy and concentration, so you can hit the ground running at the office or gym. Following the tough morning grind, our Ashwagandha Apple Chai lifts mood and sharpens mental acuity, so you can finish the day strong. No matter if you're a martial artist, rock musician, tech entrepreneur, or beyond, our teas power you to achieve more.

We Give Back

Our brand is about giving back to consumers and the environment. We're proud to donate to The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit protecting the endangered species and ecosystems where our superfoods derive.

Kevin Klock, CEO, Talking Rain Beverage Co. (Sparkling Ice)

"In terms of going after that tea purist, I thought they had some really interesting flavor. It's different than what's been out there. Most of the tea category [differentiates] by 'we have more tea' or 'we have less tea,' where I thought they went and took a more flavorful approach."

WHere Does 8th Wonder Take you?

What is there to say about 8th Wonder Tea and the product my business partner Dan and I have worked to bring to fruition and optimal taste in the last year? In spite of the millions of minor details that are of no interest or consequence to the reader, it boils down to one thing: we love tea. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of nutritionally dense superfoods and we wanted to create something healthy that didn’t taste like we were trying to create something healthy.

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