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Adaptogenic Health Benefits

Bold new flavor profiles like our Ashwagandha Apple Chai and Ginseng Passion Green Tea embody the cultures captured in every bottle.

Our ingredients are all natural, of the highest quality, organic & non-GMO

Our Ingredients

Innovative Flavors

Our teas are nutrient and vitamin-rich, powering enhanced physical and mental performance. You'll wake up better with our Ginseng Passion Green Tea, boosting morning energy and concentration so you can hit the ground running at the office, at school, or the gym. Following the tough morning grind, our Ashwagandha Apple Chai lifts mood and sharpens mental acuity so you can finish the day strong. No matter if you're a martial artist, rock musician, tech entrepreneur, star pupil, or beyond, our teas power you to achieve more.

Globally Minded

We are a truly environmentally-focused company that will literally go to the ends of the earth in our pursuit of better health for you, and our planet. In every decision we make, we consider the local, regional, and global impact. That's why 1% of profits go back to the environment.

Behind the Tea: Our Journey to Become Certified Organic

We at 8th Wonder Tea take the quality and potential environmental impact of our products very seriously. That's why we're Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, one of the top third party certifiers in the country.

Where Does 8th Wonder Take you?

Calling all 8th Wonder Warriors: we're the tea that takes you places. We carefully source and blend international superfoods with the highest quality teas to create exceptionally refreshing, ready-to-drink beverages. Our teas offer essential vitamins and antioxidants that maximize performance and wellbeing to fuel your most passionate pursuits.

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