12 pack

Ginseng Passion Green Tea

Waking up in the morning just got a lot easier.

Brightened deliciously with orange, lemongrass, and ginger, and supercharged with Ginseng, this tea washes away morning fatigue and energizes you for the day's grind!

Savor the lush, Chinese-inspired flavors, and feel like you've been transported to the Great Wall with every sip.

50% DV Vitamin C.

All health claims self-affirmed GRAS.



Pure, slightly-tart green tea base. Brightened beautifully with passion fruit, orange juice, and lemongrass.

Ginseng Origin


Panax ginseng was discovered over 5000 years ago in the mountains of Manchuria, China. Although probably originally used as food, it quickly became revered for its strength-giving and rejuvenating powers and its human shape became a powerful symbol of divine harmony on earth.


Filtered Rocky Mountain Spring Water, Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Erythritol, Organic Orange Juice Concentrate, Organic Ginger Juice, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Fair Trade Organic Green Tea Extract, Natural Flavors, Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Ginseng Extract.


Boosts Energy

Reduction of Tiredness and Fatigue