A Press release

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Wake Up Tea Industry! Superfoods Have Arrived.

What is there to say about 8th Wonder Tea and the product my business partner Dan and I have worked to bring to fruition and optimal taste in the last year? In spite of the millions of minor details that are of no interest or consequence to the reader, it boils down to one thing: we love tea. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of nutritionally dense superfoods and we wanted to create something healthy that didn't taste like we were trying to create something healthy.

With this sentiment in mind and zero experience, the two of us set out to craft a premium tea the quality and uniqueness of which had never been seen on Planet Earth.

Pretentious? Lofty? Perhaps. But in our collective mind, you either go big or you go home. Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Although store shelves were stocked to the brim with organic ready to drink beverages we just felt like the category had not reached its maximum potential. In our home base of Colorado, you often hear such curious colloquialisms as "Dude, that's the dank" or "Yeah man, it's the dankest." At 8th Wonder we wanted to leave no room for doubts. In a sea of natural products extolling infinite virtues, we wanted to be the ultra dankest on taste, sustainability, ethics, and creativity alone. Self-evident superiority as we are fond of saying. As a brand that aims to entice the adventurous and free spirited, we took matters into our own hands to achieve this very aim. Thus, the road for 8th Wonder was paved and we hope you'll continue to walk it with us.

Growing up in the burbs with urban sprawl and big box stores blocking out the sun, Dan and I were forced to cultivate the kind of wanderlust and imagination that is intentionally imputed into the taste and direction of our flavors. Without merely capitalizing on buzzwords in the superfood category, we hope to bring these ingredients to life by steeping our teas, literally, in their heritages, stories, and environments which make our third orb from the sun such a cosmic treasure trove.

We donate 1% of all sales to The Nature Conservancy through our 1% for the Planet affiliation because you know, we live on a finite planet and the moon doesn't seem that great. Anyway, we hope you enjoy and can feel positive about sipping some truly health charged, organic, and dare I say, bad ass tea. Stay hydrated. Stay Happy. Recycle. Compost. Love your brother (and sister).

Drink up champs, you’re going places!

Reed and Dan, Brew Bros

In Retrospect: BevNet New Beverage Showdown - The Power Of Adversity

Damn, it was a cold Colorado morning. My business partner Reed and I were out before sunrise. We trekked to our co-packer's facility, needing 100 tea bottles wrapped with new product labels.