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What is Erythritol, and Why is it Used in Addition to Sugar?

In our journey to offer exceptional superfood teas, we sought to make low calorie ready-to-drink blends that have the lowest amount of sugar per serving on the market; without using artificial sweeteners. While the name isn’t very appetizing-sounding, our research determined that Erythritol was the best sweetening agent to complement sugar.

Erythritol belongs to a class of compounds called sugar alcohols. It occurs naturally in certain fruits and some fermented foods. It is produced by fermenting glucose with yeast - a natural process. With only 6% of the calories of sugar, it still contains 70% of the sweetness. 

Using Erythritol has effectively cut the calories and grams of sugars per serving in half for all our tea blends. Because 90% of Erythritol is absorbed into the bloodstream before it reaches the large intestine, it doesn’t tend to cause digestive issues like other sugar alcohols. Erythritol is also considered the best acceptable sugar alcohol for those following the Paleo and Keto diets becuase it is an antioxidant that is sugar-free,has a low-glycemic index, and carb-free at the serving size we use.