Are 8th Wonder Tea Products organic?

Yes. All of our teas are certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and meet all federal guidelines for organic status. Organic isn't just top priority for 8th Wonder as a company, it's non-negotiable. Organic agriculture promotes healthier soils, reduces negative impacts on communities, the climate, and keeps ecosystems thriving. Plus, organic just tastes better.

What does the name “8th Wonder” signify?

As a globally focused brand we are constantly wracking our brains to bring the next top-tier ingredients to a western marketplace. These potent nutritional powerhouses are selected from diverse origins across the globe to pack a punch of superfood goodness that is worthy of the 8th wonder of the world moniker. We like to think of these foods as the crème de la crème of the botanical world. It isn't just a business goal but a legitimate hope that soon these obscure plant based ingredients will be mainstays in the minds of western consumers.

Are 8th Wonder Teas Fair Trade Certified?

The green and black teas used in both of our flavor varieties are Certified Fair Trade and grown organically in Kenya. In the future, we hope to have our entire production process and the teas themselves Certified Fair Trade while continuing to support sustainable agriculture for both people and the planet. As a young company, this initiative is very high up on the priority list.

Why Glass? Does this make shipping costs higher?

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. It is also pivotal to note that over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled. As a company, 8th Wonder is highly concerned with sustainable solutions to ecological problems and glass was clearly the right choice for our environmental scorecard. So, while this may lead to higher shipping costs it's difficult to have a healthy economy without a planet that can be sustained. Also, using glass guarantees that no BPA or phthalates associated with certain plastics are leached into local ecosystems or products themselves. We personally believe that iced teas just taste better from a chilled glass.