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8th Wonder Tea creates custom spice blends that are uniquely suited to each tea for flavor optimization. Unlike many teas that borrow and gather a large array of ingredients without a frame of cultural reference, then add some sugar, some water, and call it a finished product, 8th Wonder goes to the source of every ingredient to figure out how best to honor tea drinking traditions, preserve authentic flavor combinations, and craft a bottle worthy of its cultural and historical antecedents.

We do not add filler ingredients or throw disjointed flavors together. Every single ingredient is part and parcel of the balanced whole, which is why our teas simply taste better: they build on the wisdom of the people that have been drinking these herbs and plants for health, wholeness, and enjoyment over centuries. Rather than think we can improve or subtract from this time-tested formula, we endeavor to preserve the knowledge of tea drinking cultures and countries, who have proven time and again that they know best.