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About Us

Parker Rush, Founder & Tea-maker

Parker Rush went to St. Edwards University where he studied Philosophy and Environmental Science, two disciplines that facilitated a sincere interest in indigenous cultures, sustainability, environmental conservation, and the fostering of healthy ecosystems through organic agriculture. 

After graduation, Parker felt the pull of manifest destiny and settled himself in beautiful Boulder, Colo. It was here among the educated, aware, and active populace that he began to learn and study about natural medicines and herbalism, and developed a deep reverence for our planet.  Hanging out with self-styled hippies taught him the unwritten law to only eat food that came from the ground, and that could be pronounced with minimal effort and minimal syllables.

With this knowledge, his love affair with tea and all things organic was born (good for the planet and thus good for you, because we’re really one after all!). After months of tireless blending, tasting, adjusting, and tasting again, the first iterations of 8th Wonder Tea were born. Since that time Parker has worked to refine, give back, and develop a working formula for the conscious creation of great-for-you, great-for-earth, and great-tasting tea. He is proud of his commitment to organic, non-GMO, and fair trade tea sourcing.

Have a sip and see what hand-crafted, committed-to-quality, and globally-inspired tastes like for yourself.