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Ingredient Feature: Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a plant classified as a superfood, which is a food rich in compounds, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients considered beneficial to a person’s health.

Ashwagandha Extract

Typically, the root and berry are used to make medicine. Here at 8th Wonder Tea, however, we chose an ashwagandha extract that’s made from the entire plant so tea drinkers can enjoy all the benefits this superfood has to offer. 

Also known as “Indian ginseng,” ashwagandha has been widely used to boost immunity, lower cholesterol, increase stamina and endurance, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Ashwagandha Antioxidants

The natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene have been thought to effectively inhibit the mental effects caused by aging and Alzheimer’s disease. There are several other health claims that suggest even more cognitive and physical advantages. 

We source our ashwagandha from NutraGenesis, the exclusive marketer of clinically-tested Sensoril®.

This root and leaf extract of the Ayurvedic, adaptogenic botanical ashwagandha features the highest levels of stress-fighting ashwagandha bioactives in the industry.

Potent ashwagandha

Their potent formula exceeds conventional adaptogenic activity, providing purported anti-stress and rejuvenating benefits.

Sensoril® features the following structural and functional claims, which are in accordance with the requirements of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994:

  • Promotes a calming, relaxing state of mind
  • Helps to reduce physical, emotional, and mental stress and fatigue
  • Helps to alleviate the effects of stress and tension
  • Enhances feelings of emotional well-being
  • Helps restore and sustain energy levels while helping to alleviate fatigue
  • Promotes, supports, and maintains healthy joint function
  • Helps enhance focus and mental stamina, mental clarity and concentration

8th Wonder Tea's ashwagandha

We take things a step further by pairing Sensoril® with additional superfood ingredients that make our Ashwagandha Chai the perfect beverage to power your body and mind.

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