6 Summer Recipes For Every Yerba Mate Cayenne Tea Lover

We love food almost as much as we love tea. That’s why we put together this list of summer recipes that pair well with our Yerba Mate Cayenne blend.

The heat from the cayenne and the summery, exotic banana and coconut extracts pop with every bite of something buttery, spicy, or sweet. Some of these recipes don't just taste good - they're also perfect for your next #8thWonderWarrior adventure. 

 Spicy Mango Mandarin Smoothie

Here’s summer in a glass. Allergic to dairy or nuts? We recommend replacing the milk in this recipe with our Yerba Mate Cayenne tea and replacing half the frozen mango with frozen banana to add a touch of creaminess. It’s too good not to wake up to!


BLT Croissant Sandwich

The buttery croissant and smoothness of avocado is a perfect complement to the slight, bright bite of the cayenne in our Yerba Mate tea. Pack this BLT with a bottle or two for your next hike or picnic.


Cajun Pretzels

These Cajun pretzels are spicy, but not too spicy – just like our Yerba Mate Cayenne tea. Great for game day, or to take on your #8thwonderwarrior weekend excursions. Combine with cashews, pumpkin seeds and dried banana chips for the ultimate trail mix.


Chili Lime and Cashew Brittle

This one’s for all of you with a sweet tooth out there. Wash down this Chili Lime and Cashew Brittle with our low-sugar Yerba Mate Cayenne tea at home or on the trail.


Coconut Lime Grilled Chicken Marinade

This easy recipe is great to use at home – or on the road. Simply toss your marinade and chicken in a ziplock bag, put it in your fridge or cooler, then fire up the grill in your backyard or at your favorite camping spot on the weekend. Works great with tofu as well.


Honey Sesame Fish Tacos

This is a colorful, nourishing dish to match this colorful, nourishing beverage. Flaky fish is sautéed in a sweet sauce that caramelizes a bit, then topped with red cabbage, cheese and a lime sour cream sauce. It’s the perfect pair for our Yerba Mate Cayenne.